Let’s talk about Imitation?

Anyone who ever says “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” have obviously never run a small business. After having my experiences with this and chatting to a few gal pals in my own area of the creative world it’s so saddening to know how many people think it’s okay to take other makers designs. Now I will be the first to admit that making stuff is HARD WORK! Creativity and dreaming up new designs, concepts and experiences is TOUGH, FRUSTRATING and sometimes BRAIN FRYING. But trust me. This is never a reason to copy another’s idea. As makers, designers, artists, writers, chefs, business owners, the list goes on, I’m sure we all know the absolute joy, chaos and struggle that comes with developing and mastering your own creative vision and path. It not only becomes your business identity but most of the time part of your own identity too! It’s a part of you! Just like a limb or a kid… 😂 Its one of the most rewarding accomplishments in starting a brand! I think that’s why it’s so heartbreaking when you come across, or even worse someone send you, a maker who has decided to either make content that looks all a little too similar or has completely “borrowed” your work. I know personally I have been alerted to this happening with my own buiz in the past a few times and I usually put my big girl pants on, brush it off and say whatever but today I felt a bit different. Disappointed I think is the best way to describe the emotion. I am a huge believer in community over competition and as many of my maker friends will agree with, supporting others in your field and lifting each other up not only creates an amazing network of friends and family to lean on but it actually HELPS grow your buiz!! Yep!! Liking, sharing and interacting with others doing the same thing as you is a good thing!! Or need help finding a style or learning how to do something? REACH OUT for help! At the end of the day please remember that creating your own designs and style is the MOST AMAZING THING! And the best way to GROW! So please! Think of your maker friends and community, let’s not be a copycat in 2022. That’s so not cool! Love Mads x 🌈❤️

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