2024 Update!

Oh hi!!! Long time no see over here at JBJ… 💖

Many of you will already know but I’m sure a few people have been wondering what’s been going on at JBJ..? Well I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret! Late last year my beautiful husband Sean and I were overjoyed to find out that our little family was growing! Later this year our very own little person is going to join us and we couldn’t be more excited! Over the past few months I have spent most of my time resting and getting used to life looking a little bit different… I’ve finally learnt the art of slowing down just a bit (or ALOT some weeks 😅) and getting ready for our lives to change in a very big way! Although I have been taking an unexpected break from buiz life, I have been enjoying getting back into slow making and creating as a way to relax and feel inspired! I have been working on something new very slowly and quietly in the background that I can’t wait to share with you all a little bit later and have played around with making a very small batch of gorgeous Easter creations that I will hopefully release to you next week! I am going to share a some content of these over the weekend but thought I better check in here first and say hello!

Thankyou for your beautiful and kind patience with me and my buiz as life changes so very quickly! If you have reached out to me lately or even earlier in the year and haven’t received a response please contact me and let me know! I have just logged back in to all my buiz accounts and have plenty of catching up to do! Please know that right now I’m working away at things very slow and taking each day and week as it comes so my responses and posts etc may be delayed! I can’t wait to get back making beautiful releases regularly after bub has arrived but at this stage I’m just enjoying creating what I can and sharing it with you x

Love Mads x

Our beautiful announcement photos were taken by the gorgeous Hannah from @hannahlenevephotography ❤️‍🔥🥹

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