Zoom Lovers Field - Set 2

Lovers Field - Set 2


From exploring meadows to dancing in the kitchen with your lover, this collection encapsulates how it feels to be surrounded by love.

Treat yourself with a pair of treasures, as the best love we will ever receive is the love we give ourselves…

Approximately measures 5cm x 4cm

All pairs at JBJ are made with a light weight, hypoallergenic stainless steel earring stud. 

Entirely handcrafted, each tiny piece of this pair has been mixed, moulded and shaped with care. This collection features polymer clay.

Colours of the piece you receive may vary due to differences in computers and phone screens, all images are taken in indirect sunlight, outside with an opposing studio light to deter shadowing. The imaging is portrayed as though you are holding your piece in bright midday sun! 

These statement accessories need a lot of TLC! They are composed of fragile materials that are not made to be purposefully dropped, bent or given to your puppy as a chew toy… ;)

Make sure you look after these treasures not just when you are strutting your stuff! Store in a closed jewellery box in a dry, temperate environment! These accessories look fabulous no matter where you go but please don’t take them on a beach day! Some parts of the hardware may tarnish when exposed to elements!

To clean its easy as wiping your pieces with a damp soft cloth, visit the care section for more tips! 

Lovers Field - Set 2